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QuikMetrix Executive Dashboard

Eliminate the nightmare of manual Excel reports that show outdated numbers! Our business intelligence product commonly referred to as an Executed Dashboard, allows you to easily create insightful charts and reports. Use this crucial data to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) all while improving workflow and reducing costs.

QuikMetrix is a truly configurable portal template that delivers a user-friendly business intelligence product application for the display, charting, and drilling of metrics right on your executive dashboard.  QuikMetrix allows your to view and analyze your key performance indicators daily, not weekly so you can make current informed decisions.

What’s even better? The QuikMetrix business intelligence executive dashboard is deployed in a matter of weeks without requiring any application development . . . and without breaking the bank.

Improve Efficiency

The goal for every company is to increase overall efficiency. With QuikMetrix you can implement a business intelligence product quickly and cost effectively.

BI Is Now Affordable

With QuikMetrix you can improve efficiency and make current, accurate business decisions without spending millions in your IT department.

Streamline Staff

Why should gathering data and running reports require a team of valuable employees? QuikMetrix can do this for you so your team can focus on other important tasks.

Operate Smoother

Isn’t it frustrating knowing multiple resources are compiling data when it could be easily automated? Make your payroll go further.

User Friendly

QuikMetrix makes gathering and analyzing your companies data easy and fun. The executive dashboard is extremely user-friendly and customizable to each individual user!

Make Decisions On The Go!

Not only is QuikMetrix easy to use, you can access it anywhere! QuikMetrix is responsive and delivers the same hassle free results from your tablet or phone.

Save Money!

As you're well aware, Business Intelligence reporting tools can be VERY expensive. With QuikMetrix you can implement the dashboard fast and cost effectively!

Fast Turnaround

Don’t waste half a year or more on development right out of the gate. QuikMetrix delivers a real value for your investment in just weeks!

QuikMetrix is Fast, Easy, and Reliable.

QuikMetrix truly is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective Executive Dashboard ever. QuikMetrix delivers visual analytics for your company’s most important data. Schedule your private demo of our business intelligence executive dashboard today!

QM Fact Sheet

We’ve mentioned already some of the great benefits that QuikMetrix Executive Dashboard brings to the table but there’s even more. QuikMetrix works as a BI Portal “Template” giving your company quick and easy installation, configuration, and deployment. What’s even better is that the QuikMetrix framework is always evolving. Every time a new user adopts QM and their development efforts add new or enhanced functionality, your QuikMetrix Executive Dashboard can quickly be updated to experience the same new benefits!

QuikMetrix was developed with you in mind. It is surprisingly affordable and is specifically priced to remove the “It costs too much” objection that is commonly heard when discussing business intelligence products. There is also NO additional product licensing so long as you already own a WebFOCUS 8 license from Information Builders. If you don’t currently own WebFOCUS 8, don’t worry, we have a run-time only option available so you can still leverage the benefits of QuikMetrix.

Why Choose RDC?

  • RDC Business Solutions Promotes a “Center of Excellence”.
  • We Specialize in the Information Builders Product Set.
  • Dedicated to Delivering the Best Product Development.
  • Upgrades and Custom Code for WebFOCUS and iWay.
  • Data Conversion, Integration and Report Writing.
  • Improve Decision Making, Efficiently, and Maximize Profits.
  • Executive Dashboards, Report Writing, and Data Quality.
  • Bringing Data to Life Via the Web is What We Do!

What Client’s Say

“RDC delivered a remote consultant at the right price to get the job done and meet our limited budget. Our new application is up and running and we’ve seen the expected ROI now that our processing has moved to the mid-tier.”
“RDC Business Solutions and their team have consistently delivered the best WebFOCUS has to offer. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”
“Both resources we’ve used from RDC have exceeded our expectations. Their expertise around WebFOCUS and the whole IBI product set is bar none.”
“Every project deadline and every expectation of ours was met by the RDC team. I only wish we brought RDC on earlier.”