We Are WebFOCUS Experts

In today’s face-paced “knowledge is everything” business environment, companies rely on the delivery, display, timeliness, and accuracy of their information more than ever. It’s also incredibly important for users of all levels to access different types of crucial data to make better business decisions throughout the entire company.

As a WebFOCUS developer studio, RDC specializes in helping companies deploy their Information Builders technology so users can access this crucial data. If you’re a long time user or a recent adopter, let RDC work to bring business intelligence solutions that help you get the most out of WebFOCUS and the entire Information Builders product suite.


WebFOCUS is an enterprise application delivering intelligence and analytics. WebFOCUS works great with any type of user whether at the staff or executive level.


Being able to access crucial data on the go is a must today.  Make sure your WebFOCUS environment delivers results from anywhere.


WebFOCUS is known for its capability to scale to the masses. Let the RDC team make sure your application is available to all users inside or outside of your firewall.


Our team always ensures that not only are the governance measures enabled but that our staff takes the extra step to make sure your trusted information is protected.

iWay Integration

The iWay Integration solution is super powerful. Leverage RDC's knowledge of the product to sync iWay with your platform, technologies, databases, and more.


By using RDC to establish your iWay presence, together we can access crucial data to cut costs, lower risks, and improve your businesses performance.


Did you know that iWay Software solutions are built to work directly with WebFOCUS? Let us help you put together a successful plan for your information strategy.


With iWay users can now easily query, run reports, analyze, display, and deliver the electronic profiling data in any way they choose. Give RDC a call today to discuss.

WebFOCUS Developer Studio and WebFOCUS Consulting

When it comes hiring your WebFOCUS development team to ensure your next WebFOCUS or iWay project is a success, why go anywhere but RDC? After all, we don’t claim to be the WebFOCUS experts for no reason. Give us a call to discuss your next business intelligence solution and experience the difference.

WebFOCUS and iWay are sophisticated business intelligence (BI) applications that are used throughout a company’s enterprise and beyond. At RDC, our WebFOCUS development, deployment, maintenance, consulting, staffing, and business intelligence solutions offer our clients a variety of ways to improve their ROI and get great service and results all while spending less out of pocket.

WebFOCUS is constantly evolving and over the years has become one of the markets top BI web-based applications. It’s designed for an unlimited numbers of users and can be tailored to their skill level. WebFOCUS even comes with flexible and intuitive development tools to help build applications more efficiently. With the ever expanding functionality that Information Builders tool deliver and the experience of RDC as WebFOCUS development experts, we’re confident we can deliver maximum productivity with the business intelligence solution you’re looking for.


Why Choose RDC?

  • RDC Business Solutions Promotes a “Center of Excellence”.
  • We Specialize in the Information Builders Product Set.
  • Dedicated to Delivering the Best Product Development.
  • Upgrades and Custom Code for WebFOCUS and iWay.
  • Data Conversion, Integration and Report Writing.
  • Improve Decision Making, Efficiently, and Maximize Profits.
  • Executive Dashboards, Report Writing, and Data Quality.
  • Bringing Data to Life Via the Web is What We Do!

What Client’s Say

“RDC delivered a remote consultant at the right price to get the job done and meet our limited budget. Our new application is up and running and we’ve seen the expected ROI now that our processing has moved to the mid-tier.”
“RDC Business Solutions and their team have consistently delivered the best WebFOCUS has to offer. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”
“Both resources we’ve used from RDC have exceeded our expectations. Their expertise around WebFOCUS and the whole IBI product set is bar none.”
“Every project deadline and every expectation of ours was met by the RDC team. I only wish we brought RDC on earlier.”