Roger Panfil The WebFOCUS Expert

Roger Panfil

Roger has unique experience in the development, marketing, sale and delivery of software and software-based solutions on the Information Builders platform. Before RDC Business Solutions was launched, Roger Panfil helped lead initiatives to bring multiple products to market while working for Information Builders. Now with RDC, Roger is still recognized throughout the industry as the go-to person if you need help with WebFOCUS, iWay software, or the entire Information Builders product set.

  • Has worked with the Information Builders product set since 1981.
  • Has helped bring multiple products to market for Information Builders.
  • Brought the first generation of WebFOCUS Developer Studio to market.
  • Delivered WorldMART, DataMigrator, and the iWay Mobile Application Suite.
  • Launched ResiliEnt Business Solutions in 2004 before moving on to RDC.

“While I’ve Focused My Entire Career Around The IBI Product Suite, My Best Accomplishments Are With RDC Business Solutions.”

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Roger Panfil established the RDC Business Solutions brand in 2009. RDC Business Solutions specializes in extracting and delivering corporate information to an organization’s decision makers using today’s most popular web-based technologies like Information Builders WebFOCUS and iWay.

Prior to launching the RDC Companies as a WebFOCUS expert, Roger was co-founder, President and Managing Principle of ResiliEnt Business Solutions. Launched in 2004, ResiliEnt Business Solutions quickly made a name for itself in the business intelligence and data warehousing market.

Before his move into the IT professional services market, Roger leveraged his considerable experience in the development, marketing, sale and delivery of software and software-based solutions to bring multiple products to market for Information Builders – still recognized by industry analysts as one of the leading business intelligence and data integration companies. During his 10 years at Information Builders as a WebFOCUS expert, Roger held a number of impressive technical, sales and management positions and delivered multiple products to market for the company. As GM of IBI’s Application development products division, he delivered IBI’s RAD App Dev tool CACTUS (now WebFOCUS Maintain) to market as well as the first generation of WebFOCUS Developer Studio.  As VP/GM of the Data Warehouse Division, he delivered numerous products to market such as WorldMART, ETL Manager (now DataMigrator) and the iWay Mobile Application Suite.

In his role as VP of Marketing for iWay Software, an Information Builders company, Roger was named to a select team of individuals that launched the integration startup as a subsidiary organization. Created February 2001, iWay software was recognized as the “World’s Leading Adapter Vendor”. Roger led the conception and launch of iWay’s Bio-Terrorism Response Suite, one of four vertical solutions offerings brought to market for IBI in 2002. Developed from components installed at NYC DOH, the suite was named the #4 application in Info World’s Top 100 Applications for 2002. He was also the architect behind a number of key partnerships such as Computer Associates, NCR, EMC, Metagenix, Group1 and Lakeview Technology.

As Director of Application Development at The Franklin Mint, Roger implemented an Enterprise Data Warehouse to consolidate three versions of account, order, and promotion information. The ISP or Integrated Systems Plan was the backbone of a new audience selection system that helped The Mint achieve a record of $650m in annual sales.Roger has authored numerous White Papers and articles on Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and has spoken nationally and internationally on Service Oriented Architecture and Data Warehousing at conferences attended by experts in the industry.

Roger has a degree in MIS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has attended select graduate courses at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.